16 – A Trip to Hitland! in May 1921

This week on the Vaudecast with Grant Simpson: Imagine a time when the only way to hear new songs was 1) buying and reading the sheet music, or 2) go to a vaudeville show like the one on stage at the Orpheum Theatre in Winnipeg on Monday, May 30, 1921 where the entire headline bill was “A Trip to Hitland” On stage were 5 Grand Pianos where all these wonderful songwriters sat and shared their hits with Winnipeg audiences. Some of these songs have remained standards like “Take Me Out to The Ball Game” – in 1921, it was the first time many of these people had heard these “new songs”. What a collection of talent on one stage – vaudeville never ceases to amaze me.

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From Winnipeg Free Press May 1921
From Winnipeg Free Press May 1921
Library of congress resources
Sheet music. Take Me Out to the Ballgame. 1983.0424.096.
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