Grant gives Historical Presentations on several areas of interest:

  1. The History of Winnipeg Vaudeville 1880 – 1950
  2. Bicycles & Bloomers – the story of a contraption that changed the way women dressed, and the story of one woman who raced men, women and horses and beat them all.
  3. Whatever Lola Wants – The story of the amazing notorious Lola Montez. Her incredible life includes flings with Kings, Czars, Alexander Dumas (Jr and Sr) and Franz Liszt. A powerhouse of a person with a quick whit and a teasing turned out ankle.
  4. The Cancan Era! The story of the cancan from 1825 – 1920 as it spread from Paris to England to America and around the world. The cancan is an amazing story.
  5. Klondike Kate: The life and times of the Great Kate Rockwell.

For booking information please contact info@vaudevilleshows.ca or phone 431-373-3108

Grant giving historical talk on history of the Klondike Cancan 2017

Photos of the event are here: https://prairievaudeville.com/the-2018-klondike-gala-banquet-and-awards-event/

Cancan Gala event
Poster by Misha Donohoe
History of the Klondike Cancan 2017

If you are interested in booking a presentation on the history of the cancan, please contact us at: info@vaudevilleshows.ca

Below are links to a series of articles Grant wrote on high-kicking journey of the cancan.

  1. The Laundress with the Kick 1825
  2. The Dance Craze with a Kick 1830
  3. Cancan as a Theatrical Spectical 1840
  4. Delightful Devilry: The Cancan Invades New York 1869
  5. The Cancan Under Arrest 1870s
  6. Can You Do the Cancan, Kate? 1880s
  7. The Cancan Arrives at the Klondike Gold Rush 1898
  8. The Legacy of the Klondike Cancan