Other Historical Shows

Other Shows by Grant Simpson:
“The French Cancan: From Paris to the Klondike Goldrush” (1825 – 1920s) Join Grant for this multimedia presentation on the real story of the French Cancan. Celebrate the great pioneers of the dance and the cancan movement.

Greasepaint on the Prairies: The story of Music, Vaudeville and Ragtime Craze on the Prairies. (1850 – 1930) Join Grant as he plays, sings and talks audiences through the history of early theatre in the Prairies, the invasion of Vaudeville and the story of Alexander Pantages and the Pantages Theatre empire.

Lola Montez: Spider Dancer! (1821-1861) The story of the notorious Lola Montez, her epic life as the lover of the Queen of Bavaria, her part in the Bavarian Revolution, her fling with the Czar and her move to Grass Valley, California, where she taught Susan Robinson and Lotta Crabtree her scandalous “Spider Dance”

Klondike Kate: The amazing story of Queen of the Klondike