Comments from Past Conference Organizers

Here is a sample of the larger Conferences we have provided complete entertainment packages for in the past few years, complete with reviews from the organizers.

2017     Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)  
“The Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY) was pleased to host a meeting of the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) in the spring of 2017.

The CPRA had never hosted a meeting in the Yukon before, so RPAY wanted to host the meeting in true Yukon style.  The first step was to contact Grant Simpson.  A true performance professional, Grant knew just what to do!  He produced a show that met the requirements of our organization’s budget and schedule, and then some . . .

Our group of delegates hopped a bus to Carcross for a show in the old Caribou Hotel.  The group was overwhelmed by the performance and there were smiles and laughter throughout the show.  No one wanted the fun to end and I have never experienced a group that were more engaged in a performance.  The show was interactive and fun with lots of variety.  The performers were talented, great at interacting with the crowd and truly amazing.  The group celebrated with an ice worm cocktail at the bar after a stellar performance of the Robert Service classic “The Ballad of the Ice Worm Cocktail”.It was a performance that will live in people’s memories for many years to come and I don’t think our friend Bill every did wash the lipstick from his forehead!Thank you so much Grant, you really put the Yukon on the map for our organization and our national delegates will have memories to last a lifetime..”
– Anne Morgan,  Executive Director

2017     Shriners Convention
“Grant Simpson and his troop performed at the Gizeh Shriners of BC & Yukon
Ceremonial event in Whitehorse in May 2017. The troop did an outstanding job at
the Yukon Fun Night event which was a casual evening for Shriners and their
spouses. The audience which was mostly delegates from outside of Yukon completed
enjoyed themselves. Grant and his troop totally captivated the audience. We heard
comments such as “what a smooth running performance” and “I laughed so much I
cried” and “the entertainment was the highlight of the Ceremonial.”

The organizing committee also brought in Hank Carr and the Canucks who performed
just before Grant’s troop. Because of Grant’s ability to read an audience, Grant
brought Hank back up on stage to sing “Where Do You Go After Yukon.” This was a
spontaneous idea of Grant’s but it certainly worked. The audience all sang along
while Grant’s troop swayed to the music in the background.

Grant and other members of his troop also performed at the Shrine Ladies Luncheon
earlier in the day and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the singing and the comic
skit. Grant and his troop have a natural ability of bringing members of the
audience into their comic skits. With a little co-ordination prior to the
performances, just the right person with just the right personality is selected to
join the performance and get the most laughs.”

Joe Trerice, Potentate 2017
and MaryRose Metcalfe, First Lady 2017
Gizeh Shriners of BC & Yukon

2015     The Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC)
“When I asked Grant to produce a show for our conference delegates, I knew that the evening’s entertainment was in good hands. I just didn’t realize how good! Our delegates hearts were warmed with authentic Yukon hospitality – when they weren’t falling out of their seats or crying from laughing so hard. Years later, people still tell me about how much they loved that night.”    – Michael Pealow   EDAC Conference Organizer.

Past Performances at Conferences

2017     Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment (CRIPE)

2017     Yukon Quest Annual Mushers Banquet

2017     Yukon Liberal Appreciation Banquet

2016     Canadian Museums Association Conference “From Dawson to Berlin”

2016     The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA)

Photo from performance at EDAC Conference.