EPISODE 1 – May 3/19

Listen to Episode 1 on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/tzirEGTXA3w

Grant Simpson and Howie Swan in the Studio at CJNU

Hello Folks!  Welcome to the Radio Notes from Episode One of the Prairie Vaudeville Radio Show on CJNU.

Here are some things that might interest you from Episode One.

The acrobats described on the radio show:

Above:  Josephine the Camel – Tap Dance Routine
Below:  1981  Grant in his position as lead trombone player
(notice the boxing glove)  

The Haymakers Vaudeville Troupe

John Swan – Left Howie Swan – Centre Steve Karr – Right
Hazel Dale (above and below)

Hazel and Howie were married 65 years

Howard Swan’s CD Now & Then
“Now and Then” contains the following songs: – My Adobe Hacienda –
I’m Throwing Rice – Once In A While – Walk Right Back – Spanish Eyes –
The Last Waltz – I’ll Hold You In My Heart – Release Me – Chime Bells –
When It’s Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley – Welcome To My World –
I Wish I Was Eighteen Again – Drinking Champagne
If anyone is interested in purchasing ($20) a copy of the CD “Now & Then” you can contact one of the following: Brian Swan (204) 487-1061 Kevin Swan (204) 918-3786  


  1. Bosn Rag (Fred Stone)
  2. Silk And Rags (Fred Stone)
  3. Alan Alda from his book  “Never Have your Dog Stuffed”    
  4. That’s the Way it Was in Vaudeville (Bob Hope and George Burns)
  5. Welcome to My World (Howie Swan)
  6. Eighteen Again (Howie Swan)

Grant and Howie playing at St. James 55+ Centre: March 2019

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The brief clip that you heard at the beginning of the episode is a clip from “Vaudeville Days” which I don’t believe is available – or at this point, I’ve never found a copy. 

June Havoc, the younger sister of Gypsy Rose Lee is the person who says “There were no hells, no damns, there was no deity of any kind, and ladies must all where silk tights.  It was policed!  Vaudeville was family entertainment!”

*this is from a splendid documentary on Vaudeville called “Vaudeville!”

You can find clips Youtube and the full information about this great documentary is here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133256/

The Alan Alda clip you heard about him as a child arriving in the cities on a train is from his wonderful book “Never Have Your Dog Stuffed” , and the reason we have him reading it is because of great companies like Audible who take the time to have these books recorded.  In this case, we are lucky to have the author reading his own book.  In other cases they have various voice actors read the books. 

It’s a wonderful way to read – after your eyes get too tired for reading.  Or when you’re working in your garden, or walking around a track or riding a stationary bike.

Thank you for listening to the program/
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