The Caribou Hotel in Carcross Yukon.

That time that vaudeville went to Dragons’ Den

On January 29th, 2014, CBC aired a pitch to Dragons’ Den in which I was hired to help animate the scene. I took a mini-cast which included Lyall Murdoch​, Nicole Murdoch​, Alita Powell​ and I, and we did an adapted version of one of our vaudeville skits.

Anne and Jamie, the owners of the Caribou Hotel knew that it was a doubtful proposition, but welcomed the international exposure it gave to their great project.

Well they are getting closer and on Sept 21st Claire Ness​ and I are going to help celebrate the opening of the hotel that they have been working on so hard, for so long. We’ll be doing some vaudeville numbers and then will give the stage to John Firth​ who has just released a new book on the history of the hotel. I can’t wait to read it.

A "Haunted" Klondike Gold Rush saloon is making a comeback

It's been almost 15 years since a pint was poured at the Caribou Hotel in Carcross. But, that'll change later this month. The owners have spent years of hard work to re-open the hotel's historic bar. George Maratos stopped by the site for a sneak peek.

Posted by CBC Yukon on Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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