Whatever Lola Wants – Lola Gets

The Historical Presentation on the life and times of Lola Montez – the notorious “Spider Dancer”

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Lola Montez was one of the most notorious entertainers of the 1800s. A powerful independent woman who fearlessly took on critics with a sharp tongue and sometimes a bull-whip.

With her sensual “Spider Dance” Lola lured the infatuation of King Ludwig of Bavaria, The Czar of Russia, Alexander Dumas, Franz Liszt and these don’t even include her various husbands.

Lola has been immortalized in many books, movies, plays and songs.

Join Grant as he takes you through the wonderfully colorful amazing and powerful journey of Lola’s life. Multi-meda presentations of her famous Spider Dance, songs, stories and readings from her funny, intelligent and honest memoirs.

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